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Lazy P Stock Farm

Our Beef

How we operate our local farm...

We are family owned and operated and oversee the complete process from birth to packaging. Our cattle are raised on grass and finished on grain for superior flavour and fat content. 


Our animals are treated humanely and with respect for their welfare. Happy cows are fat cows! 


We are a small producer and follow all industry rules and guidelines and our Beef is provincially inspected. 


We follow a herd health program in cooperation with our veterinarian. We select genetics to promote high-yielding carcasses with high levels of intramuscular fat. 

We work closely with our butchers to ensure quality. Dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days, nearly all of our products meet the specs for AAA certification. 

Lazy P Stock Farm Steaks
Lazy P Stock Farm Burgers
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